Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Back to school

The routine is back again, summer holidays are over. When the alarm clock rings it is still a little dark outside, we already lighted a candle while having breakfast. I'm in a melancholic mood, I don't want the summer to leave so early. 

But today the weather was fine, sunny and quite warm. So I took some pictures of my bag I finished last week. I have already shown it almost finished in a previous post, but now it is completed. Hooray!

I used Sylecraft Special DK yarn for this bag in the colours Lipstick, Pomegranate, Fondant and Meadow. I lined the whole bag, even the handles because I like them firm and stable. I used the fabric called Rosalie from IKEA, it gives the bag a romantic touch. I do love it!


 This bag has not been the first bag I crocheted. My first bag has been a variation of Lucy's 'Jolly Chunky bag' you can find here Jolly Chunky Bag. I have used it a lot until now and I do love it very much, as well.

I lined this one with a pink fabric that matches the bags' colours. I added a shell edging to the handles because I wanted the bag to be really, really flowery-powery.  

Today I discovered a little hole in the fabric. I really don't know how it happened. I felt miserable about it but then I rifled through my sewing basket for something that would help me to fix the hole. And I was lucky! I found a small hearty patch that had exactly the right size and colour for my bag. What do you think?

I love my bags and there are so many patterns I want to try soon. My mother would like to have a white bag for next summer, something simple to wear with summer dresses. I will have a look on pinterest, maybe I can find a nice pattern there.

Have a nice evening, Viola


  1. Love the bags, especially the stripy one. Lovely colours

  2. Your new bag is really lovely. So is the other one too - and well mended. I have made a bag like your latest one but used knitted squares. I really like it.

  3. Hello Viola,
    sorry, meant to comment earlier but never got the time! First of all, I love your new bag and how the colours harmonize with one another, especially with the Rosalie lining, it's perfect!
    I got a question: how did you sew it into the crochet, by hand or machine?
    And the bag inspired by Lucy, how cute is that!!! The patch was a great idea, after all that's what they are for!
    I can see you worked very hard and deserve to be proud! These bags will be so useful!!!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Ingrid xx

  4. Hi Ingrid, I tried to sew the lining with my sewing machine but I didn't like it. So I took the time to do it by hand. It was worth it, I think! Have a nice weekend as well. Viola

  5. They're both lovely, and I especially like the first one. Pink and green are a favourite colour combination. I like to line my crochet bags too - it keeps things from falling out between the stitches, and also makes the bags last much longer! :)

  6. LOVE your color choices . . . and impressed that you line your bags . . .I always add an inside pocket for those things that might fall out because I hate sewing by hand or machine :)

  7. Such gorgeous bags and the little heart inside makes it completely unique ! Your shawl is absolutely beautiful too, the border is so perfect for it, a really pretty pattern.
    Kate x

  8. Lovely bags and lovely colors Viola! I love that yarn, thank you for listing the colors. Great job on the lining and I agree with the strap. :-)

  9. Love your mending idea you lined the straps too. Clever and pretty idea.


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