Friday, 15 August 2014


Sorry, sorry, sorry!

Me again, Miss Inconsistency! I started a new blog and I left it alone for more than one month! It is nothing I planned and nothing I really wanted but things turned out that busy before our summer holiday that I couldn't find the time to post even one sentence. But first about our holidays...

We spend 3 wonderful weeks in France, Brittany. My parents rented a house at the coast near Concarneau. The beach there was wonderful and the water of the Atlantic Ocean was cold but wonderfully clear. To get to this beach we just had to walk five minutes.


The coastline ist gorgeous, in parts very cliffy but then again you can find small coves with smooth sand and lovely shells to collect. My daughter loved to climb the rocks on the beach, she just couldn't get enough of it.


We found many, many shells and empty snail shells at the beach. My daughter loved to play with them and she constructed a tower that looks like a stalagmite, a very pretty one, I think!

There are wonderful old towns and villages, as well! For example Locronan, a completely medieval village, where no cars are allowed. 

 It's been a pleasure spending our holiday time there and in fact in my mind I am not back again. I would really, really love to live near the coast. Maybe one day...

Tommorrow I will post a little bit about my creative work during the holidays. I have done this and that, smalll things, big things, many projects going on at one time. The same procedure as every year....

Have a nice evening,

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