Friday, 6 May 2016

My Lollipop Cushion: Tadah!

The weather here in Northern Germany is brilliant! We have lots of sun, a little wind and nice temperatures. I even got a little sun burn on my forearms while I was happily crocheting on the terrace yesterday. But I wanted to finish my Lollipop Cushion by all means and it was late in the evening when I sewed on the last button. But now it is done!

And I LOVE it!

 I already showed you the beginning of this little project that I started quite impulsively when I looked at all my little yarn scraps that were lying in a yarny bowl.

I really loved playing with all the colours I had left, always wondering if the remaining rest of a colour would be sufficient for a solid granny square. 

Very quickly I knew how the front of my cushion should look like and in no time at all I had all the solid grannies I needed. If you look for a good pattern to make them, just have a look at the lovely blog of Heather from little tin bird.  Her explanations are very good.

After joining all these colourful grannies, I immediately knew that this cushion would need some extraordinary edging. I thought about so many different patterns but no one really caught my eye. Then I remembered this pompom edging and after a good search on pinterest (I am a Pinterestian, I really am), I found a good explanation of this stitch on the wonderful blog of Robin from once upon a pink moon. The only thing that I change was the number of chains. I wanted the pompoms to stand a little upright, so I just crocheted two chains instead of three.

But then the question of how to do the back occurred again. I had this problem already when I made my first cushion here.

And I really hate that question. Most crocheters write that they just take some fabric they have in their stash and they sew a back with a zipper in a breath. 

I am not able to do this! It takes me ages to sew a cushion and when I think about a zipper I sweat blood. So again, I decided to crochet the back. I had enough yarn for more solid granny squares, but I made them differently. Just one more row and I changed colours after the first row.
This is how it turned out in the end and it is such a little colourful piece of joy that I immediately knew how I would call it:

 My Lollipop Cushion!

This cushion matches perfectly my handmade blankets. It looks like it just has to sit in front of the Villa Villekulla blanket, doesn't it?
This is the front:

 And this is the back:

 Which side do you like more? I just can't decide, I like both sides!

 The only thing that jarred on my nerves was the sewing.  It was a nightmare to sew the back to the front. I had an equal number of stitches on both sides of the cushion but when I had finished almost half of the sewing of one side I always recognised that one side was longer than the other. I don't no how many times I had to undo the stitches, in the end I didn't count anymore I just tried to get the squares even. But finally it worked out.
My Dutch readers will probably recognise the buttons I have used, I bought them at HEMA, a Dutch chain of stores that sell wonderful bits and pieces. I just love these colourful buttons and they are perfect for my Lollipop Cushion! 

And here is one last photo I want to show you. In April I had won a give-away hosted by the lovely Franca from righedafavola.
 This cute little bag is really sweet and I love the cheerful pink. Thanks a lot, dear Franca, best wishes to Italy!

Have a nice and sunny weekend,


  1. I like both sides of your cushion!! So cheerful! You've also ordened the colours very well. This cushion would look great on a bench in the garden or something..
    Have a nice weekend,

  2. I like both sides of your cushion too ; it's a crochet masterpiece, Viola !
    A big hug to you and the same to your sweet daughter !

  3. Your cushion is absolutely gorgeous. I really like your blankets too, you have a great eye for colour :)

  4. I looooove your lollipop cushion! Love these colours! and I love too the doily! very nice in the wooden table! Hope you have a nice day, Viola! Many thanks for your visits and all your comments always in my blog! Kisses from Catalonia!

  5. Komisch, eigentlich hatte ich gedacht ich hätte schon kommentiert, aber man wird wohl alt :o). Jedenfalls finde ich Dein Kissen superspitzenklasse, bin hin und weg!! ♥ Ein traumhaftes Prachtstück, das ich Dir so vom Foto wegmopsen könnte ;-). Klasse gemacht. Ein schönes Pfingstwochenende wünscht Dir

  6. Your cushion is just beautiful Viola!! I love the colours and the way you finished the back with buttons...perfect! I usually crochet the backs of my cushions too, and if you make them a bit different as you have it is like having two cushions!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  7. Wow! What a brilliant cushion! The light and color is amazing :) I am sure it will cheer you up and make you happy whenever you see it!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  8. Hello Viola,

    Oh I love your new cushion!! Those pompoms really make it extra special!!!
    It's a great idea to make 2 different sides, I'd even go as far to say I love the back of the cushion slightly more just because it is extra colourful! And those buttons are perfect!

    Sometimes blocking can help with slight unevenness. I try to check my squares against each other if I make a blanket. Did you use different yarn and different size hooks? In any case, I cannot see any problem, so you have pulled it off perfectly!!

    Enjoy your cosy cushion!
    Ingrid xx

  9. I love it!! The colours are so bright and happy and it's very beautifully finished :) Enjoy it!! xo

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  11. Hi Viola!
    I can't understand why I did not comment on your amazingly colourful lollipop cushion earlier because it is so cheerful. It's the perfect thing to keep one's spirits high and heart comforted through what has been a remarkable 2016. I wonder how you are since there have been no more blog posts here for so long. Have you joined the Instagram trend and abandoned blogging? I do hope you are okay. May 2017 bring good news. All the best, Jodie xx


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