Monday, 31 August 2015

My holiday project - a Japanese flower scarf

Today I wanted to write a proper tadah-post, presenting my holiday project I planned to finish yesterday. I wanted to block it over night and take some beautiful pictures in the garden. 

'Aber hier, wie überhaupt, kommt es anders, als man glaubt'
(Things always end up differently than you think).

This is a quote by Wilhelm Busch, a German poet and humorist and it just describes what happened to me yesterday. 
While I was happily hooking the last flowers for my scarf I recognised that my amount of yarn was decreasing faster than I thought. When I reached the second last flower I had to face the fact that I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish this scarf. What a disappointment! So here are just a few photos of my scarf missing two flowers, without all ends sewn in and all wobbly-bobbly because it is not blocked yet.

But I want to write this post nevertheless because it will take a little time until I have finally finished this scarf. I have to order the yarn via internet, there is no yarn shop nearby that sells Drops yarn.
This scarf is really beautiful, I love the yarn and the pattern equally. I really cannot wait to finish it. But I have to wait patiently until the parcel will arrive. I have already ordered the yarn this morning and I have chosen some other yarn as well, of course. It really makes no sense to order just three balls of yarn and pay the postage for a full parcel, doesn't it? That's why I had to buy some other yarn, as well. 

When I have finished my wonderful Japanese flower scarf, I will write about it a second time. Hopefully soon! 
See you then.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

I love Ouddorp - wonderful summer holidays in the Netherlands

We are back home - home after three wonderful weeks of holidays at the Sea. It's been a peaceful and relaxing family time. We all enjoyed it very, very much.
 My parents have a holiday house in the Netherlands, so it is quite comfortable and inexpensive for us to spend time there. The house is in Ouddorp, a small village next to the North Sea, approximately 50 km south of Rotterdam. It is quiet a trip from us to get there (about 600 km) but I just love being there.

My earliest childhood holiday memories are connected with the Netherlands. We often drove there just for the weekend. Bathing, walking at the coastline, building sandcastles, eating Kibbelinge (small pieces of fried fish), Poffertjes (tiny pancakes) or Stroopwafels (syrup waffles), all this was and still is heaven for me. Almost 17 years ago when my parents decided to buy a holiday home in Ouddorp I had been more than happy, hoping that this could become a second home of mine. And that's what it is today - my safe haven. A place where I am able to breathe again when life is trying to overrun me.

When you are spending your holiday in a place you know so well there is just no obligation to do any sightseeing because you have already seen everything. But there are things we all want to do or see every time we go there. A bicycle ride to Goedereede, the neighbour village with the best bakery by far,  But our most favourite place is the beach, of course. 

This wide and sandy beach with endless skies where you can leave all your cares behind... 


We always love to find a sheltered place to stay near the dunes.

The blue of the sky is just gorgeous.

There is no good walk at the beach without finding wonderful shells or crabs.

 And I love the seagulls so much! Their cries just make a day at the beach perfect.
And our quite old dog Pepples turns young again when we reach the beach. She even loves to swim with us.
Flying kites is very popular there and that's what we did as well, of course.

 Sometimes the weather was not that fine but nevertheless we went to the beach. There was almost nobody.

   My family heading towards a nice coup of drink...

... at 'Paal 10', one of the wonderful beach restaurants with a grand sun terrace where you can sit and have a nice cup of tea or coffee when it's cold or a delicious glass of wine while watching the sunset (the left house in the picture is the 'Reddingsbrigade', the lifeguard station).

 One of our favourite towns nearby is Zierikzee. A going there is a must-do for us. We love to stroll around the old narrow streets, visiting our favourite shops.


And this house was new to us, what a great painting!

 And in the evenings we were lucky to enjoy gorgeous shining skies and sunsets.

 Three beautiful weeks are over now, next week the new school term will start again, J is already back to work, I will start on Friday. There is a lot to do in the house and in the garden but I told myself to stay relaxed at least for a little while longer. Life can be so abundantly beautiful, I am so grateful for all the good things in life. 

I will soon come back to show you my summer crochet makes, nothing big, just something light but beautiful. 

I hope you had a wonderful summer time, as well.