Sunday, 7 September 2014

Glorious September

September is such a beautiful month. Everybody seems to be greedy for the last rays of sunshine, staying outside, getting together, not willing to let autumn begin. This weekend has been full of outside activities, a children's birthday party with pony riding my daughter was invited to and a football camp my son took part in. On saturday my husband and I were invited to a garden party and we stayed there until late in the night, savouring a grand campfire, good food and interesting chats with friends. I even went there barefooted, without a jacket just with my lovely green shawl protecting me against the clammy chill past midnight. 

The weather here is very changeable these days. When I took our dog for a walk, the sky looked spectacular. When you turned your head eastward there's been blue sky with fluffy white clouds, but when you turned your head westward bulky dark clouds made you want running home immediately. 

And the acorns are really, really heavy this year and there are a lot, really a lot. A German country lore says: 'If there are many acorns in September, there will be plenty of snow in December.' Let's wait and see...
Much has happened last week but nevertheless I took a little time to continue with some lovely crochet.
I do love small granny squares. They are easily and quickly made and I could occupy myself with laying different combinations of squares hours and hours (if I had the time to). In the first half of this year (I can't remember anymore when exactly) I made a little scarf for myself, just because I wanted to try a small granny square pattern. 

I took a look into my yarn stock and chose some cotton yarn to start with. It's been Lang Quattro, a yarn I absolutely love because it's good to work with and you can get it in more than 30 different colours. I chose the colours pastel green, fuchsia and chianti. I love to wear the scarf. It is light and soft and adds a little extra to a conventional outfit.

And I did it, I finally dared to start a blanket! It took me ages to admit that I really wanted to do nothing else. And when the decision was made I couldn't decide what kind of blanket I wanted to crochet. I really loved this one and this one and I would have been be more than happy if I'd been able to finish a blanket like this.  But I told myself to start with something easy, something without joining and without thousands of ends to weave in. So I decided to use the pattern of
gorgeous Lucy of attic24 'The ripple'. I ordered Stylecraft special DK yarn and started just before our summer holidays began. Now you'll be able to catch a glimpse of my first and much-loved blanket:

Excuse me! I just couldn't stop loading pictures - I've even taken much more! But now you know what my blanket is about. It is  a gorgeous pattern, absolutely soothing and comforting. Counting four, increasing two, counting four, decreasing two... Every time I work on my blanket it feels like a meditation. No matter what is spinning in my head - as soon as I start crocheting I calm down and start emptying my brains. Somehow it works like Dumbledore's Pensieve - have you all read Harry Potter? The Pensieve is an object that simply siphons the excess thoughts from one's mind and pours them into the basin. I wonder if my blanket will be full of my thoughts and memories as well when it's finished. Funny idea, isn't it?

 It's already late, nighty night everyone! Thank you for reading this never-ending post. 


  1. I like those bulky dark clouds - they're very dramatic against the blue sky. We are enjoying warm days and cool nights. The squirrels here are burying their nuts in the ground. According to local lore, this means we will NOT have heavy snow this winter. Yes, let's wait and see. :)

    What a beautiful blanket!

  2. Your Granny square scarf is lovely, especially the edging! Wow - that blanket looks amazing. The colours all work together so well. And you've done so much of it already. Before you know it, it will be finished. Well done for starting a blanket!

  3. Such lovely crochet in your post! I love the pretty scarf, the colours are so lovely together. And your ripple blanket is so bright and gorgeous! You are right in the way you describe the almost meditative effects of working on a ripple pattern, I like it for that reason too!
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

  4. Hello Viola! I love what you have done with your page, using your new ripple blanket as a side bar/background - it is just so pretty!!! Thanks for the many photos, absolutely gorgeous! And those cloud photos are also amazing, I love looking at the sky. Here it has been the same, really dark clouds and then again brighter spots! It is nice to enjoy the rest of summer, while you can! Yesterday it got quite hot here, at least 25 degrees! So I went out in a summer dress and then coming back home at 11pm from school last night, it felt pretty cold again! Also there was a beautiful clear full moon, and no clouds, I guess that was why it got cooler.
    How big are you planning on making your blanket? Oh, and forgot to say, I also love your little granny square scarf, such pretty colours!!
    Enjoy your week!
    Ingrid xx

    1. Thanks a lot, I ngrid, for your nice comment. My blanket should become a big blanket. I am quite tall (1,76 m) and I would like to be able to cover myself from neck to toe. Let's see. I guess I have to crochet a least 90 stripes. But I don't want to think too much about it. I'm frightenend I might loose my patience. Have a nice day, Viola

  5. Hello Viola

    thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I have been going back at your earlier posts and your crochet work is beautiful especially the ripple blanket. I too love crochet.

    Stunning pictures. thank you for sharing.

    I will be a regular visitor to your blog.


  6. Hey Viola!! So happy to see you visited and left a message. I immediately came over to see your blog, and I love it already! Your blanket is looking BEAUTIFUL!! I love a ripple blanket too. Crochet is very soothing to me also...such good therapy. I couldn't live without it. Looking forward to seeing your progress on your blanket.

  7. I think your granny scarf is beautiful love your edging and the colours are perfect. Your ripple is coming along nicely

  8. Gorgeous ripple Viola! Love the pics too of the German countryside. And what a nice German proverb linking acorns in autumn with winter snow. What is the phrase in German? Enjoy these September days! E x

    1. There are many phrases concerning acorns and winter, one goes:
      'Wenn Michael (29.9.) uns viel Eicheln bringt, Weihnacht die Felder mit Schnee düngt.'
      The other one is a bit easier, it goes: 'Viel Eicheln im September, viel Schnee im Dezember.'
      Thanks a lot for your nice words and have a comfortable and peaceful evening. Viola

  9. I love your color, hugs from Brazil


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