Friday, 22 August 2014

Hooray, hooray, hooray!

My shawl is finally finished!

Here is my big and warm and cosy shawl I wanted to finish a long time ago! Well done, Miss Inconsistency! Every time I finish a project that has been lying around for some time, I'm a little bit proud of myself. Unfortunately I always start new projects before finishing one, so there are many, many projects lying in baskets, on shelves or just in a bag next to the sofa. I have to admit that I lost the overview. But after our holiday I told myself to work more aim-oriented (can you say so?), to finish at least one thing before I start with an new one. Maybe I should write a list.... But back to the shawl:

I started crocheting this shawl during the Easter holidays. We went to the Netherlands to spend a week at the North Sea. I wanted to take my crochet bag with me, of course but space is always a scarce good when we go on holiday by car. So I decided to start a one-colour-project. I had this green sock yarn in my wool cabinet and a pattern for a shawl I always wanted to try. It's the  South Bay Shawlette from Lionbrand.

The pattern recommends a hook size 9 (I) and I used a 3,5. So I started really, really slowly. The original shawlette should have had 30 rows but when I finished row 30 it looked like a shawl for a toddler. So I decided to continue until it fitted my size. 

But honestly, after some time I lost my interest in it because it just took so long to finish one row and I didn't really see a progress. But then again... This shawl kept staying in my creative mind, it somehow wanted to be finished.

The last weeks I put myself together to accomplish this long-lasting project. I crocheted 64 rows until I decided that this shawl had the right size for me. But then it looked a little bit 'boring', 'expressionless'? 

It needed a border! To choose one took me some time but then I found a romantic border I really liked. It's called "Mayflower border" but I can't say anymore where I found it. I copied it from a magazine I was reading when I was sitting at the doctors a long time ago. I put it in my pattern folder and forgot about it. It's simple but it gives a nice little extra to the shawl.
The longest side has a simple shell edging.

I love, love, love my new shawl. It is great for the weather we have to endure here in the Northern part of Germany at the moment. Rain and storm with temperatures at 13 degrees. 
And it perfectly fits my beloved pair of Brako boots I could wear every day. 'You looks a little old-fashioned', my daughter said with a smile. I guess it was meant as a compliment, what do you think?

Have a nice weekend, Viola


  1. Hello Viola,
    Funnily I was just thinking about you and then I saw your post! (I am getting behind with reading all these many posts!)

    Oh, I really love your shawl, and your border makes it special. Well done, it looks very warm. It looks pretty big, so it will keep you nice and warm.

    You look great wearing it, it suits you!!! :)

    If you take a look at my blog, I only just finished my post which I started late last night - also about the South Bay shawlette plus about the Summer Shawl I just finished!

    I wish you a nice weekend! What will you make next?
    Love, Ingrid x

  2. I absolutely love the colours; those shades of green are so pretty. xxx

  3. Your shawl is really lovely. Beautiful colour which should go with nearly everything. Love your boots too! I have so many projects on the go and I'm determined to finish most of them before starting any more.

  4. Your shawl is beautiful! And I love the "Mayflower border" - perfect finishing touch! well done you! I am also eyeing your boots with an admiring eye! Sadly we seem to have moved out of flip flop weather completely now and autumn is already at the gate. But as you point out in your previous post, the slightly sad feel of that can be combatted with tea and baking (and crochet of course!) E x

  5. I love your shawl and the colour! Nice border! x Evie

  6. Hello Viola, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, I'm so glad you did as now I've discovered your blog too!
    I just adore this shawl! The colour yarn you chose, and the stitch is just so pretty and delicate looking, but I should imagine its quite cosy too as its not too lacy. I love the pretty edging too, it finished it perfectly.
    I've been thinking of having a go at a shawl for some time now but have never found the right pattern, but seeing how lovely yours is I think I have now - thanks for sharing and well done for finishing it!
    Gill xx

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