Monday, 18 April 2016

It's grey and dark....

... the wind is blowing and I wonder where spring has gone. It looks like November outside! This is just a quick post to say hello after our wonderful holidays. I will tell you about it later.

Unfortunately I got a bad cold last week and I still feel not so well, bad cough again ... 

So today I decided to take it easy, drink lots of tea, forget about the piles of laundry and the sandy floors (I wonder why we always bring back so much sand after a week at the sea) and start a new crochet project using all my scraps of yarn. 

I have so many leftovers from my blankets that are not really useful for the next big crochet project. 

What are you doing with all these sweet little balls of yarn? You can't really start something new with them but I have not the heart to just throw them away. 

'A cushion' I thought this morning when I passed the bowl with all my Stylecraft remnants. 
 And without further thinking and 'pinteresting' I decided to use the simple 2-round solid granny square to start with. It is the perfect size to use even the smallest amounts of yarn and looking at these colourful littles squares makes me really happy!

Last but not least I want to welcome my new followers, I hope you like my little crochet snippets. And I want to say 'Thank you!' for all your encouraging comments, I love to read them and I always try to take a look at your blogs, as well. 
Take care whereevere you are in the world! 


  1. That will be a wonderful cushion! I used some scraps to make a kind of pouf a while ago. With circles of single crochets, starting with a new colour when my leftover ended.
    But I've got some more leftovers... and looking at your pictures makes me want to start immediately with those little squares :-)
    Thank's for the inspiration and I hope you feel better soon!
    Take care,

  2. Hello Viola,

    First of all, sorry to hear you are not feeling well! I think it's this spring weather, with warm spells and then sudden cold winds. I also just caught a sore throat this weekend when we were in Zeeland.

    I love it how you jumps in with a new project, it's great! And what a pretty way to use up leftover yarn.

    Recently I bought this book in Germany: Pixelhaekeln.äkeln

    Which shows how you can make cool pictures by using simple granny squares.

    There was also this cushion in it which I want to make:

    It's a heart made from tiny squares! I think it is really cute!

    Have a wonderful time making your cushion!
    Ingrid xx

  3. Great colors, great squares !!!!
    Have a shinny day !

  4. A cushion is the perfect idea to use up all the leftover yarns. I too have plenty of small balls of yarns which I could use to make thousands of cushions.

  5. Hi I've love your small granny square you must have some patients, to put them all together.

  6. Fein dass Euer Urlaub so schön war liebe Viola, da bin ich mal gespannt! Weniger schön dass es Dich so erwischt hat, da wünsche ich Dir gute Besserung. Es ist aber auch kein Wunder bei dem wechselhaften Wetter! Hoffentlich scheint bei Euch heute auch so schön die Sonne wie hier. Die kleinen Grannies sehen toll aus, herrlich bunt und niedlich klein! Das wird bestimmt ein superschönes Kissen. Bzgl. der Garnreste, bei Baumwolle hab ich da kein Problem, es gibt ja so viele kleine Häkeleien (Untersetzer, Blümchen, Anhänger...) in denen man sie unterbringen kann. Bei SoWo (außer für Restesocken) und Polygarnen wird's da schon schwieriger. Letztere arbeite ich manchmal als Streifen in Mützen ein. Lieben Dank noch für Deinen netten Kommentar, hab es schön heut! LG Nata

  7. How lovely these little squares are looking in your colourful rainbow shades! I hope your cough is getting better and you have a happy weekend, Viola.
    Helen xox

  8. Dear Viola,
    Don't think of the sand in the house as a nuisance, merely a souvenir of happy times - maybe you can pretend that you are still on holidays? ;-)
    I hope your memories of a fun holiday can bring you some joy while you are unwell. May you feel better soon!
    Hugs, Jodie xx


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