Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Flowers, Flowers, flowers... My Granny Madelief flower cushion

My first cushion tadah!

Lately quite a few blogger write about their UFOs (unfinished objects) that are lying around in their baskets, on shelves or hidden in a cupboard. I always read these blogposts carefully, looking at all these beautiful works which would be finished if someone just spend a few hours working on them. I have to admit that I can happily join this club. 

I am a starter, not a finisher. I love to let the inspiration get me. I see something in a book, on pinterest (oh, how many hours can you possibly spend there looking at all these gorgeous works...) on a blog or in a shop and I know that I have to start immediately with it. And if I have the right yarn at home, nothing can stop me to start something new. I don't know how many UFO's are spread all over the house. As I don't have a special craft room, I tend to put my works just everywhere. 

It would be a LOT of work to collect all my UFOs and write a blog post about them. I really don't feel like it at all, it's summer time, isn't it? Though it is raining again, sigh...
Napoleon is alleged to have said: 
'Die Deutschen haben 6 Monate Winter und 6 Monate keinen Sommer.'  (The Germans have 6 months of winter and 6 months no summer). I hope that this summer wants to refute this assertion soon!

 But back to my UFOs. I promised myself to finish at least one UFO before I start something new. 


And the beginning is easy, of course. I am quite enthusiastic about this promise. So I started with a cushion cover that I began already last year. It worked up quite quickly and I enjoyed making it because the pattern was so easy and very nice to work. You can find the free (!) pattern on the wonderful Dutch blog of Stephanie from handwerkjuffie.

But when I almost finished the front I didn't know how to do the back. Should I take fabric? But then I would have to sew the back... With a zipper (oh no, I'm such a bad sewer...)? 
  I went to Ikea and bought some nice fabric but I just could make up my mind. Did I like the blue and white check pattern? Or should I better take the light blue one with the red dots? Or should I put the fabric in the cupboard and take up my hook and yarn?
But how? Stripes, grannies... Oh dear, all these questions demanded too much of me and I put the whole project aside.  

But now everything was settled very quickly. I started crocheting the back, simple stripes using the colours of the front.
  Everything worked up very quickly and today  I finished all by sewing 4 buttons to the side. 

While I was writing this the sun came back again and I happily moved outside to take a rest and make some nice photos of my new cushion. 
 As it is sunny by now my son is taking the opportunity to go swimming with friends and my daughter is back from the stable and playing horses with a friend in the garden. So I will take my time for a cup of tea, a rasperry muffin and some happy crocheting.

See you soon and don't forget to  to enter my Giveaway by saying hello in the comments below. 

Have a great week everyone. 


  1. I love it! Those are some of my favorite colors :)

    I hope you can stop by:


  2. The cushion is beautiful! I love the striped crocheted back. I also love how you express the uncertainty of so many of the steps in the process of hand-making something. There are so many ways and places to get tripped up! It's no wonder startitis is such a problem for many of us. :^)

  3. Hello Viola,

    Wow, what a beautiful cushion cover. I love everything about it, the size, the motifs, the colours you picked. The reverse side with the stripes looks equally great and makes a delightful contrast.

    Well done for persevering and getting it all finished.
    This cushion deserves a place of honour!!!

    Take care,
    Ingrid xx

  4. The cushion is gorgeous and well done for getting it finished. I have lots of unfinished projects too but I never let there be too many - at some point I stop starting and start finishing.

    1. That's a good slogan that I should take up, Gillian. "Stop starting and start finishing!" Do you mind if I take that one on board for myself as I think I need your sage advice with all the WIPs I have found in my crochet stash. :-)

  5. Well done on such a great finish! Your new cushion is gorgeous and so the striped back, just right!
    Helen xox

  6. All my favourite colours in one cushion. It is beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog too! Jo x

  7. Beautiful! I love that either side could be the right side and the contrast between flowers and stripes mean you can change the mood depending on how you place the cushion.
    The photo of the cushion on the chair with the tabletop makes such a pretty tableau!
    Very summery. :-)

  8. Oh, how pretty!! ♥ What a fresh color combination, you've made a wonderful cushion. Nice photos, too, I love especially the second but last one ♥. Happy Sunday greetings from your new follower Nata

  9. hello viola,
    wow......the cushion is beautiful!!!! i love the fresh summer colour.lovely photos!!!
    happy sunday,

  10. Fabulous job, thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday! Ah yes, those unfinished projects.......

  11. It's beautiful! I love the colours, I think the stripes ont he back are great :) x

  12. Hallo Viola, welch ein tolles Kissen! Und eine wunderbare Farbauswahl, ausgewogen, harmonisch und ruhig. Well done! Marjan

  13. Your little table looks so very nice! and your cushion is beautiful! I think the crochet back is so much nicer...and the buttons work nicely.
    I really like the larger doily/mandala that is under the pot of you have a pattern for that? It's lovely! and I think I'd like to make one for myself (or perhaps to give as a Christmas gift?)
    Thank you for sharing..
    And I also SO LIKE your gorgeous pictures of the setting sun. I just love watching the sun set when it is such a beautiful display. He gives us so much beauty in this world...if we just take time to notice and enjoy it - and to thank Him for his Blessings!
    Thank you for sharing such beauty!

    1. The pattern for the mandala is by Ayda Algin in Mollie Makes issue 54. It is a very easy pattern and very nice to follow. Thank you for your kind words about my makes. Viola


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