Saturday, 23 April 2016

Spring holidays in the Netherlands

 At the beginning of our Easter holidays we went to the Netherlands for one week. We are so lucky that my parents have a holiday house there, just a few hundred metres away from the North Sea. I just love it there! The house is situated in Ouddorp, a small village in the Dutch province Zuid-Holland, approximately 40 km south of Rotterdam.

It was just me and the kids, J couldn't get the week off, he had to work. But the children had asked their best friends to accompany us, so it was me and four kids and our dog Pepples, of course. We had never tried this before and I wondered if everything would be fine. But it was not only fine, no, it was a great week. The children were really excited to show their friends around. The weather was wonderful and we were outside almost all the time. 

 The dune landscape is so pretty. There is a long cycleway on top of the dunes, you can walk or cycle for kilometres always overlooking the Sea.
 We went to the beach to fly the kites. Kitebuggies are always there when the wind is blowing.
 The lighthouse "Westhoofd" in Ouddorp. It is still in operation. 
 I started a new granny shawl for my sister. Her birthday has already been in March but I hope that she won't mind to get it a little later. 
  At home Pepples doesn't like to run after the stick anymore but at the beach she felt young again!
 One day was so warm that the children decided to go swimming! The water temperature was just 9 degrees. Crazy kids!

 Log walks at the beach were fun for all!
 The girls were really fast on their inline skates, Pepples and I had difficulties to follow them. We made beautiful tours! 
The boys explored the vicinity with their longboards but they preferred being on their own. 

And at the end of the day, just once or twice, we went to Paal 10 to have a last drink. These beach restaurants are a great place to be, I love to sit on the terrace drinking a hot tea when it's cold or a glass of wine on a wonderful summer evening.

It has been a wonderful week. I read two books (!), crocheted a lot and most of the time I was the first in bed! We will definitely do this again, the kids had so much fun with their friends and I had lots of space for myself.

This post is long enough I think. I hope that I will be able to write about our holiday week in Denmark  tomorrow. 
See you then,



  1. Toller Urlaub & schöne Bilder! Mit den Farben vom ersten (Doppel-)Bild könnte man glatt was Hübsches stricken oder häkeln :-). Dein Tuch sieht wunderschön aus, da wird sich Dein Schwesterherz garantiert sehr freuen!
    Einen schönen Sonntag wünscht Dir Nata

  2. Great pictures, looks like so much fun! Love your dog!
    Take care,

  3. That's so great you had some time to yourself - children entertain themselves so much better when they have their friends along. Good idea. You know I always love to see your photos of the Netherlands, especially the coastline. One thing I always remember about Holland is that there was never a lack of breeze (or, let's be honest, gusty winds) for sail-sports like windsurfing or kites. I am so happy for you - you deserve some relaxation :-)

  4. So beautiful! I would love to visit the Dutch coast :) Pepples looks very happy! And it looks like a very happy time together too. Your shawl is gorgeous for your sister! Beautiful colours! LG

  5. Hello Viola, I meant to comment earlier, but didn't have time, sorry! I loved reading your post, I know Ouddorp and I have been there on the beach before. It is beautiful. Next time you visit again, give me some warning and we might be able to meet up there! :)

    I'm glad you managed to have some time to yourself, which is very important, and that the kids also enjoyed it.

    The shawl is beautiful, I love it! Your sister is very lucky!

    Have a nice weekend!
    Ingrid xx


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