Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Japanese Flower Scarf: Ta-dah!

  Looking at the above picture I suddendly feel happy! I took this picture last summer, just a few days after our holiday in the Netherlands. I felt quite relaxed and I was looking forward finishing my Japanese Flower Scarf. There were just a few flowers missing because I had run out of yarn. I ordered it immediately but somehow, when the cough started again, I lost my interest in this wonderful scarf and it took me several weeks to finish it. But one days somwhere in the middle of autumn - I can't really remember anymore when - I added the last flower, weaved in the last ends and could block it.

Since then I have worn this scarf a lot, the texture is soft and delicate and it drapes wolderfully around the shoulders. The yarn is DROPS Belle, a mix of cotton, viscose and linen, it is perfect to wear directly on the skin.


 I used the folloowing colours: Moss green, light blue, jeans blue, dark jeans blue, cherry, old pink, dandelion, silver and off white. I can absolutely recommend this yarn. 
  I have LOVED working on this project, making these flowers is addictive once you have started. I already think of making a wooly scarf in bright bold colours and one in pastels or even natural colours - I just can't decide. It is such a lovely pattern and very suitable for carrying around!

I was working the colours totally at random and using the join-as-you-go method, so I had to pay very careful attention to the placement of them. But I managed quite well, what do you think?
The only thing that tempers my delight a little bit is that the flowers tend to look a little scrunched, with curl-up petals after some time. I have already blocked this scarf 3 times. But it is not that bad considering how beautiful this scarf is and how much delight I feel wearing it.

Enough talk now. 




 This is me wearing the scarf. 

GEEZ! I really look tired! The last year truly drained me of strength. Next week we'll spend a week in my parents cottage in the Netherlands. Long walks at the beach, enough sleep and good food will hopefully do me some good. 

These cute Easter rabbits seem to like my scarf, as well.

Happy Easter! 



  1. Your scarf is so beautiful, Viola and it suits you! I love the pretty flowers, this is such an inspiring make! I am glad you are back here again and so sorry that you have been so unwell. I hope you have a lovely time in the Netherlands and a good rest and soon feel back to your old self. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter!
    Helen xox

  2. Such a lovely scarf! The colors are beautiful. So happy you are feeling better and you blogging again. Hope you have a wonderful time in the Netherlands. I hope you get to rest, relax, and maybe get to do a bit of crochet. Lisa

  3. This is amazing! Beautiful colours! I immediately get this feeling of springtime when I see your pictures! Nice pictures by the way.
    Have a nice week,

  4. Der Schal ist ja ein Traum!!! Das Muster ist so schön!1 Könnte mir auch gut gefallen!
    Frohe Ostern auch für Dich!!
    Liebe Grüße,

  5. Gorgeous, really gorgeous! ♥ Wonderful colors and yes, the placement is perfect :-). Have a nice evening! Nata xxx

  6. That picture of so many pretty flowers makes me happy too! Hooray for finishing it - a new scarf to enjoy this Easter. :-)
    Don't worry about the flower petals curling up sometimes - that is a perfectly natural thing for petals to do - real flowers often curl up at night and tuck themselves to sleep!
    May your health continue to improve. The beach and fresh, salty, sea air will do you wonders. Take it easy, xx

  7. Hello Viola,

    I was sorry to read about your recent health problems, it's scary that a printer could have made you so ill. I'm glad you are getting better though!

    Your mini granny blanket is a piece of art, it truly is. What a labour of love!

    And your flower scarf is just beautiful, I'm sure you will get a lot of use out of it! The colour palette is very flattering and totally suits you!

    Have a lovely Easter with your family!
    Love, Ingrid xx

  8. It loosk fabulous viola, you need to treat yourself to a scarf pin to hold it on with and wooden one would look great. Jo x

  9. Gosh it really is beautiful, you should feel really proud of it :)

  10. Hello, Viola! I've found your blog through Annemarie's Haakblg. Your Japanese flower scarf is exquisite. I love this flower motif and you've chosen a gorgeous color scheme. Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  11. Your scarf is gorgeous. I have made two of them and enjoyed making the flowers so much.

  12. Beautiful! Great colors, too!

  13. Wow! Your scarf is gorgeous!

  14. hi viola, I am writing about one oof your pictures from a foggy day in Denmark. i am creating a little exhibition in Denmark and would like you rpermission to use it. I hope this mail reaches you - you can write me at


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