Saturday, 21 June 2014

I proudly present my first project!

Here it is, ta-dah!

I really had to think hard about which project I should show first here on my blog. But actually I knew it in my heart because it is a project I really, really love that much. I took some Stylecraft Special Dk yarn in the colours Meadow, Lipstick, Pomegranate and Fondant. 

And then it all started with one little granny square...

Ánd soon I had made a whole bunch of them and arranged them like this:

Do you already know what I'm going to do with these grannies? Yes, you are right! A bag!  The pattern is very simple and it offers so many possibilities to choose the colours you favour. I found it on the blog "a creative being", a wonderful blog with many gorgeous crochet patterns
Wink, the owner of that blog, does not only share the crochet pattern with us, she also explains how to line the squares bag. It's perfect. 

Here you can see my bag!

I line it with the lovely fabric from Ikea called Rosali. The colours complement one another quite lovely.

I haven't finished the handles though. I want crocheted ones and so I still have a tiny little bit to do. But the bag should look like this:

I really love the handles, I lined them, as well because I don't want them to stretch too much.

I'll show you the whole bag when I have finished it. Have a nice Saturday evening! All around me everybody is looking forward to the World Cup game 'Ghana - Germany' this evening and though I'm not really a football fan I do keep my fingers crossed for the German team.  


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