Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Granny blanket love - my 'join-as-you-go' method

A while ago a visitor asked for a tutorial on how I join my granny squares using the 'join-as-you-go' method. I thought I could try to work out a photo tutorial, this is my first one, I hope that everything gets clear, ... here you are ....

My blanket is made of 3-row granny squares. I generally have no chain in between my granny clusters and 2 chains in my corners and that is what my Join-As-You-Go Tutorial will be based upon. I work my tutorial in US terms (which make much more sense to me than the UK terms, sorry for all my readers from the UK).

Start with one completed square.
Crochet a second square until you are making the last round. In the last round you just crochet two sides and then you begin to join the second to the first granny square.
 When you reach the end of the second side of your granny (the last 3 double crochet cluster) make one chain like you normally do in a corner. Then lead your hook from the front to the back to fetch the yarn in the pink corner of your first granny, pull it through the corner and then your loop. It is the easiest if you twist the hook while pulling the yarn through the corner, so that you won't drop the yarn.
 Next you make a chain without joining, just like normal. Make your second 3dc cluster in your squares corner.
Now you have connected the corner of your first granny with the corner of your second.
  To join the side of the blue granny you repeat the joining procedure in every space between the granny clusters: Lead your hook from the front to the back to fetch the yarn in the space between granny clusters (don't forget to twist your hook), pull it through the space and then your loop. 
 When you reach the second corner, you do the same as in the first one: Make a chain, then lead the hook form the front of the pink corner to the back to fetch the yarn, pull it through the space and then your loop. Next you make a normal chain.
 Your grannies should be connected by now and you can finish the last round of your second granny.

 Now I want to join a granny to a corner with 3 granny squares (a grey one on the right, a red one in the corner and a light blue one on the left). I start with making 3 clusters of the granny I want to join (the pink one in my picture).

The trick is to only join into your right square and the one to the left and skip (in this picture) the red one in the corner. You do it like this: Lead your hook from the front to the back to fetch yarn in the grey corner, pull it through the corner and then your loop. This is the 1st chain that you usually make in the corner. 

Then lead your hook from the front to the back to fetch yarn in the light blue corner, pull it through the corner and then your loop. Make a chain without joining, this is your 2nd chain that you usually make in the corner.

 Now make 3 dc cluster in your corner and continue to join to the light blue square like you did before.
 Join your last corner like you did with your first (chain -join-chain), finish your granny square and there you are! All nice and neatly joined.
 If you have any further questions, please let me know. I am always happy to help. 

It is such a joy to work with these grannies, I do almost nothing else at the moment. Playing with the colours is so satisfying, I can't understand anymore why I was so afraid of starting a granny blanket.
 This is my progress so far. I joined already 199 grannies. What a joy! 

My other blanket is lying neglected in the basket. But I will continue with is soon, so that I can show it to you, as well. 

Take care of yourself,


  1. Hallo Viola Herzlichen Dank ! Jetzt werde ich Zeit machen und eine Decke angangen und meine Patentochter etwas von Crochet beibringen. Bis bald, Rebecca

  2. Wow Viola, such a beautiful blanket, the colours are gorgeous and blend so well together.


  3. Wow... beautiful!! Love the bright colours. En thanks for the tutorial.


  4. Great tutorial, Viola! It's always the fourth corner (or do I mean the fourth block?) that gives me problems ... I like the way you have solved that problem.

    What a very beautiful blanket. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing! The colours are so beautiful I'm in love with your blanket! x

  6. Hello Viola , the colous of your blanket is very did make a great tutorial ...and I love the way you join the corners's very neatly...thank you for sharing
    Have a nice day x

  7. Congratulations on your beautiful granny blanket and also on your first tutorial. Your photos and explanations are clear. I especially like that you established your terms at the very beginning by defining your granny pattern and telling us that you are using US terms. By doing that, you are avoiding a great amount of potential confusion for your readers. I remember when I was a beginner feeling very overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge that was assumed by pattern publishers. These little details make such a difference.
    You wrote that you "can't understand why you were afraid of starting a granny blanket". It brings me joy to see that you have gained so much confidence and joy yourself from having a go. Crochet is so much fun.
    Well done, Viola!

    1. P.S. Actually, I always feel happy when I visit your blog and see your gorgeous colours and exquisite crochet work in your title photo. xx

  8. Hi viola, I'm new to your blog, love the colours, they are so zingy!

  9. Thank you for the tutorial :) The blanket is such a beauty!!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  10. Thank you for sharing at my link up last week, you are welcome to join in this week too.

  11. What a beautiful blanket! I love the colors.

  12. It's looking really gorgeous. I know how great it is to crochet a granny square blanket! Thanks for the tutorial too - it was very clear and easy to understand.


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