Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Flowers... flowers

Isn't the month of June one of the most gorgeous months of the year? Strolling round the garden, picking some flowers and berries (ignoring the rampant weeds everywhere), enjoying warm shafts of sunshine (ignoring the rain that keeps falling six or seven times a day) and feeling so blessed and happy that we are allowed to take care of this teeny-weeny clod of earth. 

I especially love the abundantly blooming hydrangea. 

They are growing rapidly...

Don't they look gorgeous?

 And these bushes of pink an blue just begin to intertwine, a lovely mixture of perfectly corresponding colours...

And this bush hasn't decided which colour it loves most...



 And of course there is a white hydrangea in our garden, as well ...

And they look just wonderful in my little white crocheted vase...

But now I will have a little coffee break, enjoying some other garden flowers in another crocheted vase.

Geez, I really have a soft spot for crocheted vases and an afternoon coffee with a lot of steamed milk...

Hope you have a lovely day! 


  1. I love your hydrangeas. We have a couple in our garden - planted just a few years ago so not very big yet. One of ours is a white lace cap hydrangea which I really like. I need to get more hydrangeas!

  2. Your hydrangeas are lovely! And so are your crochet vases - can I ask what pattern you've used? They all look fabulous and set off the flowers so well. Bis bald! E x

    1. Sorry, that I didn't answer your comment earlier, things have been too busy here the last days. You asked for a pattern I used for my vases, actually there is no pattern. I just started and somehow it worked out. But I have crocheted another one by now and this time I wrote down how I made it. I will explain it in my next post, hopefully this evening. Have a nice day, Viola

  3. How beautiful are your flowers, and the crochet vase is so cheerful! xx


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