Sunday, 14 September 2014

Autumn comes

I am ready for autumn, really. I don't think summer will come back. And it is okay by now, I think so. It has to be okay, I have to tell myself again and again and again. I'll learn to accept that summer is over. Okay, autumn is allowed to come. But I would like to have a what we call in German 'Altweibersommer', it's the equivalent to the English 'Indian summer' I guess. Once I read that the term 'Altweibersommer' derives from the silk of spiders. The silvery-grey gossamer reminded the people of old women's hair, therefore they called the time 'Altweibersommer', the time when there're a lot of spiders weaving their nets. But back to autumn, I tell myself that it'll be so nice to be able to do all the things I like in autumn.


What do I like in autumn...
I like to light candles when it is getting dark early, I like drinking hot Yogi tea and sitting in front of the wood stove, I like to listen to the storm sweeping across the house. I love to take the kids to the dyke to fly our kites. I love the smell of warm bread and cakes drifting through the house. I love freshly-made apple puree, onion tart with 'Federweisser' (a German new half-fermented wine), pumpkin soup, my needle-felted pumpkins I made some years ago...


 ... and my newest crocheted pumpkins! I do like them very much. They are easily made and such fun! I used my everyday cotton yarn 'Lang Quattro' and a pattern I found on a lovely German blog by WaltraudD called Vielerlei Selbstgemachtes. If you want to try this pattern as well and have any language problems, just write me and I will try to help.

Here are my cuties all together lying in the grass. They would like to have quite a few more brothers and sisters I guess. Let's see if I will find the time...

And I started another small crochet project just some days ago, also relating to autumn, something about warmth and coziness. I will write my next post about it but you will get a picture before.

And while I'm writing this post about autumn I listen to the song "autumn comes"  by Eva Cassidy, one of my most favourite singer-songwriter. Do you know her? She's got such a great voice, really astonishing. And this song is soooo beautiful, if you want to listen to her, you can try this youtube link

Thank you, for all your comments you take the time to write here in my little blog. I hugely appreciate that you read what I write (with quite a few mistakes I guess). I know life is hectic and full of things to do, to organize, to remember and to care for. I am glad that your are spending some time on my blog, I am really grateful to have you all here. 

Have a nice week coming.
Hugs, Viola


  1. I love Autumn too and all the things that come with it. And I love your name, "Viola." So pretty. I had a grandmother who passed away before I was born, and her name was Violet.

    1. Thanks a lot, Pammy Sue for your nice words. When I was a child I didn't like my name because all the doctors kept on asking me if I knew what Viola would mean in Latin. I think I heard this question a thousand times. But today I like my name as well, maybe because people stopped asking me that question. Have a nice day, Viola

  2. Hello Viola

    I too love Autumn it's so colourful, and am with you all the way. Your cutie pumpkins are brilliant and I LOVE your new crochet - looking forward to seeing the finished project.


  3. Hi Viola! Indeed there are many things to look forward to in Autumn! :) I love your pumpkins, they are pretty! And those granny squares are lovely!!! Such pretty colours! Are you making a cushion cover? Looking forward to seeing it when it is finished!
    Have a nice week!!!
    Ingrid xx

    1. Hi Ingrid, no my new project won't be a cushion cover. I will show you the finished result next weekend (hopefully...). Hugs, Viola

  4. Ooh I adore your pumpkins! Both the needle-felted ones and your new crocheted ones. I'm going to have a look at the instructions and try and give them a whirl. I do love your linguistic snippets - I am carefully copying them down to remember them. I think the distinctive and colourful phrases every language has their own collection of are endlessly fascinating and provide all sorts of hidden glimpses into a culture and people. Now going to research Federweiße! I should really be getting on with my pile of paperwork but your blog is much more interesting! E x

    1. Thank you for such nice words. I also enjoy reading your blog posts a lot. And yes, I like playing with language very much (that's why I try to write my blog in English. Blimey, sometimes I don't know why I made this decision...). Soon I will post a picture of onion tart and Federweisser, we'll have it at the weekend. Sorry, that I'm not able to let you taste a bit. Have a nice sunny day, Viola

  5. Your pumpkins are wonderful Viola, and your description of autumn in your neck of the woods sounds amazing. We are enjoying an Indian Summer here in England at the moment but I know the cooler days are coming. How great that you love Eva Cassidy. She had such a wonderful voice and it is so sad she died so early!

  6. A lovely autumnal post, Viola......I love all the pumpkins you made! Eva Cassidy has a beautiful voice. I love listening to her too.
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox


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