Monday, 31 August 2015

My holiday project - a Japanese flower scarf

Today I wanted to write a proper tadah-post, presenting my holiday project I planned to finish yesterday. I wanted to block it over night and take some beautiful pictures in the garden. 

'Aber hier, wie überhaupt, kommt es anders, als man glaubt'
(Things always end up differently than you think).

This is a quote by Wilhelm Busch, a German poet and humorist and it just describes what happened to me yesterday. 
While I was happily hooking the last flowers for my scarf I recognised that my amount of yarn was decreasing faster than I thought. When I reached the second last flower I had to face the fact that I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish this scarf. What a disappointment! So here are just a few photos of my scarf missing two flowers, without all ends sewn in and all wobbly-bobbly because it is not blocked yet.

But I want to write this post nevertheless because it will take a little time until I have finally finished this scarf. I have to order the yarn via internet, there is no yarn shop nearby that sells Drops yarn.
This scarf is really beautiful, I love the yarn and the pattern equally. I really cannot wait to finish it. But I have to wait patiently until the parcel will arrive. I have already ordered the yarn this morning and I have chosen some other yarn as well, of course. It really makes no sense to order just three balls of yarn and pay the postage for a full parcel, doesn't it? That's why I had to buy some other yarn, as well. 

When I have finished my wonderful Japanese flower scarf, I will write about it a second time. Hopefully soon! 
See you then.


  1. You are right : this scarf is really beautiful!!! Such a pity that you hadn't enough yarn, but it was a good occasion to buy some new balls for your next projects!!!! ;oD
    xxxxx Ale

  2. This is just so lovely! I'd LOVE to see it modeled!
    Can you have someone model it - or take a picture of YOU wearing it?
    I think it's so very pretty....colorful without being pushy or loud. VERY NICE JOB!

  3. You can't possibly buy three balls of wool that is stupid!!! It is looking fabulous. Jo x

  4. So pretty and so YOU! I always think of flowers and prettiness when I think of you. It looks like a larger sized scarf - it will be very versatile when it is done. As it is now, it makes a very pretty decoration while you wait for the remaining balls of yarn.

  5. Of course you had to buy some other yarn as well the three balls you need for the scarf! The scarf is beautiful. Gorgeous colours. It is constructed in a very similar way to the sea glass shawl that I've just finished.

  6. A masterpiece of colours !

  7. Hello Viola, I love the colours you have chosen, they are very much your colours, I think. The shawl is absolutely stunning. I hope the yarn will arrive soon, and then it will be finished quickly.
    You did a wonderful job!!!
    Love to see you wearing it! What are the dimensions?
    Have a lovely weekend!!
    Ingrid xx

  8. The scarf is amazing! I love the colours. And of course you had to buy more than just three skeins (I would have too)! Happy crocheting, Marjan

  9. It is so gorgeous.....I love the colours and the flowers very much! I hope your parcel of wool arrives very quickly and look forward to seeing your lovely scarf again when it is finished.
    Helen xox

  10. Ohhh !!! What work of art! This is gorgeous !!!!!! I have not never done like this but I love your flower scarf! congratulations! have a nice day! and freedom for Catalonia!

  11. Ohhh !!! What work of art! This is gorgeous !!!!!! I have not never done like this but I love your flower scarf! congratulations! have a nice day! and freedom for Catalonia!

  12. Wow, fantastic! ♥ What a treasure. Great job!!
    Sunny weekend greetings, Nata

  13. It's gorgeous! I love this scarf so much that it is going to be my feature at the Yarn Fanatic Party!

  14. The scarf is lovely! I love the colours and it looks so bright and happy :) I hope the yarn arrived quickly and you are now enjoying wearing it! x

  15. Hi Viola,
    I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award because your blog always brings me a smile with your beautiful pictures and cheerful colours and pretty crochet. You can read about it on my blog post:
    I haven't seen you online for a little while and hope you are okay. I hope it means you are busily attending to your scarf and spending happy times with family and friends. Wishing you all the best for the new season.
    Cheers, Jodie x

  16. woooow ganz große Klasse.Die Blumendecke ist ein Traum. Eine sehr gelungene Arbeit.

    Sei lieb Gegrüsst von Conny


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