Wednesday, 25 February 2015

February vexations

My children and I had the influenza. It caught us out of nowhere. We were all
knocked out for 5 days with high temperatures, headaches, cough and pain in the limbs. Now the fever has gone but we are TIRED, having pudding instead of muscles around our bones. 
It is difficult to manage the daily chores, even having a shower requires lots of energy. But it will get better and J is our hero, he stayed okay and brought us tea and medicine and everything that was required. For several days I couldn't even crochet, my head was to heavy. But then I started again, choosing thick felting yarn out of my stock (hooray!) to make another hot water bottle cover because my old felted one had a hole.  
 Do you remember my first hottie? 

I made it for my mum as a birthday gift. The yarn I used was pure cotton yarn and this time I wanted to use pure wool.

So I chose an undyed yarn and with hooking needle 8 I had crocheted the body in no time. The head is a ripple pattern and it is really chunky. There is just no possibility to touch the rubber of the hottie accidentally!

 I love my lovely hottie!
  In this picture I wear a pair of wrist warmers I crocheted a few weeks ago. I do like this winter accessory a lot because my arms are too long for ordinary women's clothes. Most shirts and coats are made for women with shorter arms and I always feel cold around the wrists. Wrist warmers are just the accessory for me! Want to have a closer look at these ones?
As I look at this picture I realise that both items have a cross stitch on their front. Yes, I do like cross stitch on crocheted items a lot at the moment. Though I do not like to cross stitch though. But the effect is always very nice that why I pull myself together.
I will finish this post now. I am exhausted and my hottie is waiting for me on the sofa. 
Don't come near the influenza virus! It's no fun, not at all. But if it already hit you as well, take your hottie and join me on the sofa. 


  1. Hope you're feeling much better soon, glad the worst is over. The hottie is gorgeous and I love the wristwarmers :) xx

  2. Really sorry you have been hit by flu - these viruses can be really horrible and can take ages to go as well. Hope you feel properly better very soon. Your hot water bottle cover is absolutely gorgeous as are your wrist warmers. I wear these all the time too. Makes a huge difference not to have cold hands which I always seem to naturally. I think hot water bottles are one of the best inventions of all time! Wishing you a cosy day and brighter times as Spring comes and the flu goes! Sending you a hug, E x

  3. Hello Viola! Just trying to catch up with my blogreading! I enjoyed your post about your walk around Hamburg's special quarter, thanks for the lovely photos, I would have never imagined it so hilly! Coming from the South, I've never even been to Hamburg! It must have been lovely to have had your sister visiting!!!

    Sorry to hear you been struck down by flu, hope that you will get better real soon!!
    I love both your wristwarmers and the new hottie cover. The crosstitch on it makes it extra special!!!

    Take care!
    Ingrid xx

  4. I am sorry you have been so sick again! Me too btw. This winter is really tough isn t it? Hope it will all be better soon!
    The warming bottles are lovely! Covered bottles are the best!
    Take care Anne (Crochet Between Worlds )

  5. So sorry you have had the flu, Viola! I am glad you are feeling better now. Your hottie cover and wrist warmers are beautiful and I love the photos in this post too.
    Take care, and keep cosy.
    Helen xox

  6. How awful for you to have suffered the flu and still have to put up with after-effects too. That's not fair!
    It can be surprising how weak one can become with these illnesses - taking showers can be quite exhausting, especially washing hair as well. I do hope that you become stronger every day and are back up to your regular pace as soon as possible. That includes being able to crochet at your regular pace too!
    Your cross stitch is very cute. Have you made many items in tricot/Tunisian crochet? The basic stitches give you a very square grid on which to cross stitch.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery; take care and get well soon. xxx

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  8. The flu is awful and takes a long time to get over completely. I love your new hottie cover and wrist warmers. I have the same problem with sleeves being too short.


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