Monday, 16 February 2015

A Sunday walk 'im Treppenviertel'

Last weekend my young sister (she is just 24 years old!) and her boyfriend spent four lovely days here with us. It was so nice to have them around! We talked for hours, drinking tea or coffee, munching delicious food and playing 'The legends of Andor', one of our favourite parlour games at the moment.

Saturday was a fairly sunny day here in Northern Germany and we decided to do some Hamburg sightseeing. We went to one of the most beautiful districts of Hamburg, Blankenese. It is a district that is situated directly on the bank of the River Elbe. Here live the beautiful people! You will notice it immediately when you reach Blankenese. You are welcomed by villas surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens.  

And in the middle of this district there is the sweet 'Treppenviertel' (stairways district). Many narrow paths are just made of staircases and they are often named after someone who has once been the owner of a piece of ground there. 
Walking up and down these staircases always feels a bit like being on holiday. We admired beautiful views, tiny houses, small gardens...
a beautiful door...
or a funny sign in a window (when too perfect dear God angry').
There are so many details worth exploring there. But it is quite an exhausting trip if you really want to sneak into every nook and corner. It's worth it yet!

When we took a break to recover our breaths, we were  rewarded by beautiful views of the houses and the Elbe.
Needless to say that we rewarded ourselves with a nice cup of coffee and a cake...
  sitting outside of one of the most tiny cafes called 'Treppenkrämer' (staircase monger). 
When walking around the 'Treppenviertel' we're always magically gravitated towards the Elbe. It's just a river but it feels like the sea. You can take long walks on the riverbank and if you are lucky big container vessels or cruise liners pass by.

I hope I didn't overwhelm you with this load of pictures. The 'Treppenviertel' is such a lovely place on this planet and if you are in Hamburg don't hesitate to go there. 

I hope you all have a fine week, 


  1. What a lovely place. I was thinking how much it looks like a seaside village, and then read your words that the river feels like the sea. How fun to walk up and down all those fascinating little stairways! :)

  2. I would love to visit Hamburg!!!
    Thank you for sharing, xxxxxx Ale

  3. So viele Stufen! Das Viertel ist eine Seite von Hamburg, die ich noch nicht kenne. Sieht aber so aus, als wenn sich ein Spaziergang dort lohnt!
    liebe Grüße Anne

  4. Your photos are entrancing! What a wonderful place to explore. Big rivers are special - they have something unique about them and it's lovely to be close to them. I love walking by the Thames which is only a few miles away from me at Goring. Not as big as the Elbe I think though which has a beautiful suggestion of unboundedness in your photos - very like the sea in that sense. E x

  5. I'd love to go to Hamburg. I've only visited Germany once and stayed in a camp site near a castle. It was also close to a river. Your pictuers are lovely

  6. Thank you for all those lovely photos. I miss Germany so much. I love walking in the little towns and looking in all the shop windows. There was a small bakery in the last little town I lived in and my two younger daughters and I would always stop and they would each get a big pretzel to eat on the way home. I really hope that I can go back to Germany someday. Hope you are well.

  7. Wonderful photos of a fascinating place, Viola! I enjoyed each picture....the large and small houses are so interesting, and all those steps...lovely views of the Elbe too.
    Helen xox

  8. I'm so sorry to learn that you have been struggling so much. It makes me sad to think of you feeling poorly especially since I have been unwell too - so many seem to be at the moment, perhaps it is this transitional time of year? - so I have barely had energy to turn on my computer, let alone write some words. I can understand how you feel when the words are just not happening.
    Crochet can be quite a comfort and I have been doing what you did - going offline for a while and resting with some soothing crochet. Your creations are so pretty (as always). I love your little mushroom on your jar top! Cute and original.
    Your holiday looks like it was just the tonic for you. I really do appreciate the pictures because we hear about European friends going on holidays to the Canary Islands quite regularly but I know nothing about them except as a spot on a map. They are a long way away from Australia! Thanks to your photos I now have some images in my mind to associate with the Canary Islands. Beautiful.
    So glad you are feeling better and back on board with your blog. I will take a little more time before getting back to mine, easing myself in gently by catching up on reading and commenting here and there. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, Viola. Welcome back. xx

  9. P.S. As if I had to prove how my brain isn't working, somehow I left the comment above on the wrong post! It was meant for your most recent one: "Back with sanguinity! " so perhaps I had better cut and paste it from here and put it right. Please delete these ones! Sorry for the inconvenience! Entschuldigung!


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