Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Hooray! Something cosy, snuggly and warm is finally finished!

Hello everyone! 
In one of my last posts I showed you a picture of a small project I started some time ago. A small project relating to autumn and winter, something I am in very need when it is getting cold. Something that is almost essential for me to be able to get a good sleep. Something for my cold feet...

An old-fashioned hot water bottle cover! 

When I was blog surfing a while ago I came across the really lovely blog of Kate called 'Foxs Lane'. A few weeks ago she started a crochet along with this hottie pattern and I just couldn't resist trying it immediately. I love hooties because I just can't fall asleep when my feet are frozen.

So I took my everyday cotton yarn Lang Quattro and chose all the blue colours I could find in my stash.

Then I started making some simple granny squares choosing the colours randomly.

 I do love this colour combination very much. It reminds me of summer holidays, blue ocean, warm weather, endless beaches and a cool breathe that strokes your heated skin. When I cuddled on my sofa slowly crocheting these simple grannies, memories of golden summer holidays evoked in my mind. Crocheting is such a soothing occupation...

This afternoon I weaved in a few ends, enjoying a fine cup of tea and my finished hottie. I love, love, love it!
When I finished all ends I immediately felt the urge to fill the bottle with hot water though I didn't have the time to cuddle on the sofa. I had to fetch my son from school and bring my daughter to her gym lessons. Nevertheless I put the hottie on the sofa, it is now lying there in the arms of 'Frieda', my favourite cushion on the sofa (originally it's been a breastfeeding pillow). The hottie is patiently waiting for me, I will enjoy its warmth and cosiness this evening when sitting on the sofa, trying to finish the next project patiently waiting in my crocheting basket.  

I wonder if the cotton yarn was the right choice for it or if I should have chosen some snugly wool, merino wool for example. Has anyone any experience with crocheted hotties? Anyway, I will give my cotton hottie a try and if it is not as cosy as I had thought, maybe I'll just make another one from wool. This really is a nice little project, something you can just start while doing other things. Perfect! I am very, very happy! 

I hope that you will also have a comfortable, cosy and heartwarming evening. See you soon. I haven't forgotten my post about our trip to Yorkshire. I will write it soon!
Hugs, Viola


  1. Hello Viola

    Oh my word, what a stunning hot water bottle cover - I love it. The different blues blend so well together
    and the pattern is brilliant.


  2. Thanks for popping by, glad you like the applied flower blanket x

  3. Oooh it's beautiful! Such lovely colours and looks so cuddly :) A hottie is the next project on my list - very excited to have a go! I think cotton is a nice choice of yarn, nice and soft. Thanks for popping by :) xx

  4. Lovely hot water bottle cover, it is a great design....such lovely colours and a good fit! I think the cotton is a good choice and will be very nice to cuddle.
    Happy week.
    Helen xox

  5. It is gorgeous Viola and I love those striking colours too!!! I still use my hot water bottle occasionally...I brought it over from the Uk to Spain with me. Now you wouldn't think I'd need it in Spain but when ...when I get backache I tuck my hottie behind me and it so sooths the pain. I think I'd like to make something fancy like this to cover its oldish used look up!
    Many thanks for your comments on my last post.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  6. It's very beautiful indeed! Such pretty blues, and I like those little star buttons too. We don't use hot water bottles much here in the States, though they sound like a very good idea. We wear socks to bed and use flannel sheets instead. And when it's really cold I put my feet on my husband's legs. I guess that makes him my "hottie". :)

  7. Very beautiful! I love your choice of colors.

  8. Ohh, I just came across my old hot waterbottle and was about to toss it out. Perhaps I should pimp it up like your's instead?! Yours looks so beautiful and snuggly!

    Take care

  9. It's gorgeous, Viola! I too love hot water bottles in the autumn and winter - nothing worse than trying to get to sleep with cold feet. I think your cotton yarn will work beautifully cosily - cotton has a lovely softness & it's also a very practical easy to wash choice. Enjoy! E x

  10. This is SO PRETTY!!! The grannies are so comforting and pretty in blues. I love it.

  11. Well done - the hot water bottle cosy is gorgeous. So useful too! The weather is definitely cooling.

  12. Hi Viola, I too love your latest crochet loveliness.
    Goodness that was quite a visit to Yarndale, so pleased you enjoyed your first visit to Yorkshire and purchased some special wool to remind you of your visit-the photos were brilliant.
    I had a lovely time reading your blog-we started at a similar time and for the exact same reasons and share many delights aside from crochet-hydrangeas for one!-beautiful and lucky you having a white one, quite envious.
    Your crochet bottle covers are fantastic, thank you for the pattern.
    Look forward to your posts.
    P.S love Harry P.

  13. Hi Viola! Thanks for the exciting reveal - and I must say, what a lovely project!!! And it will be so useful. I also use a hot water bottle when it gets too cold here. I love your symphony of blue shades, so soothing!
    Ingrid xx

  14. Hi Viola,

    Your hottie cover is lovely and I'm sure it will keep you snugly and warm. Looks like you had a great time at Yarndale. I've still not managed to get there but may be next year.


  15. His cover for hot water is beautiful!
    The colors you have chosen are really beautiful!
    A great work!, Viola!
    Have a nice day!
    Kisses from Catalonia!

  16. Just found you via Crazydaisycrochetcottage. I have wanted to make a hot water bottle fir ages but never have gotten round to it. Your colour choices are beautiful. I may now just have to get on with one.

  17. Ohh that looks so pretty! I am a huge hot water bottle fan in Winter too :) Hugs, Elisabeth

  18. G'day Viola,
    Anne & Michelle of Crochet Between Worlds directed me to your blog and I am not disappointed. Your title "Colour" "Crochet" and "Love" got me in straight away and your cheerfully coloured banner of delightful crochet projects keeps me here! :-) I love the colours you have chosen for your hottie - sea blues and ocean colours appeal to me too - but I find it amusing that you have chosen 'cool' colours for a 'hot' water bottle! hehe As long as it relaxes you and keeps you warm, it is perfect.

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