Saturday, 6 June 2015

A little piece of happiness...

has come to live with me! Have you seen all the Nordic Shawls (pattern by Anette) that are displayed on so many crochet blogs? As soon as I had seen all these beauties I knew one day I would try this beautiful pattern. 

Well, I am a true shawl person. Considered by many an old ladies garment or something you only set eyes on in some old Jane Austen films, I just see cosiness, warmth and femininity. And it is a very functional garment, as well. I often take a shawl with me when leaving the house. You can use it as a pillow in the car, you can sit on it on the beach, you can put it around your head when a strong wind is suddenly blowing. And it is a good cover for children when they start freezing (after having an ice cream, for example). 
I was reaaally excited when I bought the yarn for this shawl. I have a soft spot for the Drops Cotton Merino yarn and it was no question for me that this yarn would be the right one for the pattern. The colour choice was quickly made, I love the beige shade of that yarn, especially combined with different shades of blue and green.

 It was not all easy going though. The time I spent ripping the colour block all back, I could have made two Nordic Shawls. But it was all my own fault I have to admit, for I couldn't make up my mind on the colour block. In my first try I used too much green, my second try was much too dark (too much marine).
 But I am glad I unpicked it two times because now I am really happy with the colours and how it turned out. 


 I do LOVE it!!!!

  I do wear this shawl as often as I can. It really looks good with jeans and a white tunic. It is too warm to wear it these days but in the evenings I am very happy to get it on my shoulders again.

I am really in love with this piece of crochet happiness and I can only say thanks a lot to Anette for such a nice pattern! 

Last but not least I want to say a warm welcome to all new followers. I am so happy that you like my little blog and the things I create. I really love to read your comments and as soon as the weather is getting worse again, I will have a look at all your blogs, as well. 

I hope you have a nice weekend with lots of sun and fun!




  1. Your Nordic shawl is just beautiful! I think the colours you've chosen are extremely elegant and stylish and as you say perfect with jeans and a white shirt. I loved your alternative uses for a shawl too - very versatile! Enjoy wearing it at every opportunity! I do think it's much too nice to sit on at the beach though!! Have a lovely weekend, Viola! Bis bald E x

  2. I have to echo all what you say here! I am very much a shawl person too. In my case I use shawls when I am teaching as it can get very chilly in the classrooms. It is so easy to carry a shawl with me and slip it over my shoulders for those cold moments.
    Your shawl is particularly lovely and I can see it would be a delight to slip that over your shoulders too.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. Your new shawl is beautiful, Viola! I love the colours you chose, and it is beautifully made. I love wearing shawls too, so cosy to add to whatever you are wearing when you feel chilly.
    Happy new week.
    Helen xox

  4. It looks so nice on you, Viola! Brava!!!!!
    happy week, xxxxx ale

  5. Your shawl is really beautiful. Well done for getting it finished and for being brave enough to rip back what you didn't like and do it again. Shawls are really useful.

  6. Looking lovely! The colour combo is perfect :)

  7. It's perfect, and the colour balance is just right! Thank you for all the tips on ways to use a shawl ... very creative and helpful! :)

  8. It's gorgeous! I love the colours, and how summer it looks with the white top and jeans... another pattern for my list I feel!!

  9. Wow! Beautiful yarn and a beautiful shawl!

  10. I love your shawl too and the shawl pin as well! I like shawls too for their ease and versatility. Did you take photos of the other colour combinations? It would be interesting to compare but your final design is beautiful. No wonder it is on your back more than in the cupboard! You have also inspired me to go and try the DROPS cotton/cotton merino sometime after hearing so many good things about it. Is there a photo of you modelling this shawl? That's my cheeky question for the day ;-) Well done on a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. xx

  11. Love it!!! Very well done! =)

  12. WOW! Looks all cuddly and warm and is still very classy! Great work!

  13. Congratulations for being number 2 in my link up at week 25.
    I hope you will join me this week too.


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